Ovie Mughelli , Founder & President, Ovie Mughelli Foundation , 2-Time NFL Pro Bowl Fullback; the First NFL ECO-ATHLETE

Ovie Mughelli, Founder & President, Ovie Mughelli Foundation, 2-Time NFL Pro Bowl Fullback; the First NFL ECO-ATHLETE

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"If you love your children, you have to care about the environment.”

- Ovie Mughelli

Laura Turner-Seydel & Ted Turner presenting the Captain Planet  ‘Super Hero for The Earth Award’

Laura Turner-Seydel & Ted Turner presenting the Captain Planet ‘Super Hero for The Earth Award’

Ovie and Al Gore

Ovie and Al Gore

Media Trained Professional

Media Trained Professional

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Ovie Mughelli

Keynotes (see videos below)

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Why It’s NOT Happening in the Green Space, and How Sports Can Change That

  • Leadership & Ownership

Ovie Mughelli is an award winning and nationally recognized retired NFL athlete, a two-time NFL Pro-Bowler for the Falcons and for the Ravens, and the first and only NFL ECO-ATHLETE. Ovie’s passion for leading the charge on inclusive sustainability is palpable and inspiring. He’s a charismatic, polished, and sought-after speaker with an impressive roster of high-profile engagements (see list below) and the Founder and President of the Ovie Mughelli Foundation.

Becoming a father awakened Ovie to the connection of human health to our planet's health through a series of family difficulties when his two youngest children were born premature. Ovie recognized that we need a cultural shift in how people connect with, see and treat our planet -- “we can't breathe if we don't have clean air, we can't live if we don't have clean water.”

In partnership with UNICEF and Comics Uniting Nations, Ovie created the first black sustainability comic book superhero in “Gridiron Green,” which is based on his own story as an athlete.

"Not everyone cares about the environment, but almost everyone loves sports. I use sports as a catalyst to get people excited about the environment.”

- Ovie Mughelli


  • Sustainable Brands

  • Green Biz

  • Green Sports Alliance

  • NFL Green Week

  • Super Bowl

  • NRDC

  • Sierra Club

  • Earth Day Network

  • Global Green

  • The White House

  • Capital Hill

  • The State Department

  • EPA

  • Weather Channel

  • Green School Alliance

  • Good Jobs Green jobs

  • United Way

  • Soul Buffalo

Speaking Sample: Climate Leadership Gala

Speaking Sample: GreenBiz


During his nine seasons playing in the National Football League (NFL), Ovie was considered one of the best fullbacks in the NFL, was the first Pro Bowl Fullback in the history of the Atlanta Falcons, and earned All Pro honors twice (Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens).

Ovie is also leading the way as the first Eco-Athlete from the NFL.  As Founder and President of the Ovie Mughelli Foundation, he uses his platform and influencer status to educate, engage, and inspire a new generation of environmental champions.

With the launch of his graphic novel, Gridiron Green, Ovie created the first black environmental hero.  This bold inclusive comic series teaches kids STEM skills, UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and environmental stewardship while inspiring them to become real life environmental heroes through coordinating curriculum and gamification that make it fun.


MISSION: Educate and inspire the next generation of environmental leaders through sports, entertainment and technology

Ovie Mughelli Foundation’s five signature initiatives use the popularity and fun of sports, entertainment, and technology to educate youth about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, inspiring them to take action. The Foundation places particular focus on reaching vulnerable underserved communities since they are disproportionally affected by climate change issues, yet tend to be the least informed about the risks.

Being an Eco-Hero is a team sport. The Ovie Mughelli Foundation offers customizable experiences and partnership opportunities for brands and foundations. Contact us to explore the options.

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‘Edutainment’ Experiences

  • ‘Recycle on the Run’ Obstacle Course

  • ‘Green Tailgate Party’

  • Student Programs:

    • ‘Gridiron Green’ Comic Book, Curriculum, Gamification

    • ‘ECO-STEM Speaker Series’

    • ‘Green Football Camp’

Ovie Mughelli, 2-Time NFL Pro Bowler; NFL’s First ECO-ATHLETE

Ovie Mughelli, 2-Time NFL Pro Bowler; NFL’s First ECO-ATHLETE

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