Jenn Willey

Jenn Willey

Jenn Willey

Keynote & Workshops: “Modern Male Leaders” and “Advancing Women at Work”

Gender Equity, Modern Male Leaders, Leadership

Jen Willey travels the world speaking on a range of business topics, including gender equality, modern marketing to today’s woman, and purpose-driven leadership.

She earned her stripes working her way up the corporate ladder at technology and media companies including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Oath/ AOL, WebMD, Yahoo!, and in television. This former TV anchor and C-suite executive knows what it takes to confidently and fearlessly shatter the glass ceiling.

The Modern Male Leader: In today's #metoo world, male leaders are struggling with how to navigate sensitive topics in order to build collaborative cultures that drive innovation, loyalty and the bottom line. Jenn helps the men in an organization tackle tough topics like ‘impostor syndrome,’ meeting interruptions, and assertive communications. 

She provides a humorous and helpful insider look at the top growth barriers for many women, including the science behind them and what can and should be done to achieve Gender Equity. Everyone walks away with tools that help the women of the organization be more effective, creating an inclusive culture of collaboration that accelerates business results.

  • Keynote & Workshop: The Modern Male Leader”
    Jenn Willey’s timely talk helps male leaders navigate sensitive gender-related topics effectively in order to build a collaborative, inclusive culture. Her combination of humor, scientific research, and practical real-world guidance helps the entire organization remove barriers to women succeeding, driving business results. 

  • Keynote & Workshop: Advance Women at Work”
    In this inspiring and interactive keynote/workshop, the women in your organization learn the latest research on the top barriers for women in business today, and how they can address and overcome these issues to achieve their potential. Attendees walk away with new insights, skills and methods to make them more successful the very next day.