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“Advance Women at Work,” “Men As Allies: The Modern Male Leader,” “Innovation Through Inclusivity,” and “Marketing to the Modern Woman”

Gender Equity, Modern Male Leaders, Leadership

Jen Willey travels the world speaking on a range of business topics, including gender equality, modern marketing to today’s woman, and purpose-driven leadership.

She earned her stripes working her way up the corporate ladder at technology and media companies including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Oath/ AOL, WebMD, Yahoo!, and in television. This former TV anchor and C-suite executive knows what it takes to confidently and fearlessly shatter the glass ceiling.

Advance Women At Work

Did you know that four out of five male leaders say a lack of confidence is the biggest barrier holding back women from climbing the corporate ladder? Or that 80%+ of leadership roles are held by men, partially because they approach networking, mentorship and sponsorship very differently than women do? Or that women are interrupted 3x more than men at work?

Informed by original research and delivered via an applied-learning format, Advance Women At Work offers inspiring and actionable content to help women be more fearless at work and in life. This workshop empowers the women (and men!) in your organization to become more effective leaders and create a collaborative culture.  Our custom-designed program focuses on five key pillars--Confidence, Communication, Control, Connections and Courage—and we’ll dive deepest into those areas attendees identify as their biggest challenges. The value-packed curriculum combines insights, discussion and exercises across assertive language, personal development and business networking to accelerate women's advancement while fostering a healthy diversity that drives better business results.

Attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of what’s holding them back and strategies to overcome personal roadblocks

  • More confidence in their strengths and abilities, and a plan for developing skills they need to fulfill their mission

  • Ways to communicate more assertively to enhance credibility and effectiveness

  • A roadmap of how to advance their careers by developing a Personal Board of Directors

  • Additional strategies to transform their professional growth and personal relationships

  • Male leaders and managers will better understand how to help women on their team advance, while being more  comfortable addressing sensitive topics

Men As Allies: The Modern Male Leader

In today's #metoo world, male leaders are struggling to navigate sensitive topics as they build collaborative cultures that drive innovation, loyalty and the bottom line.  In this humorous and helpful session, we provide 'the good guys' with an insider’s look at the top growth barriers for women, the science behind it, and what they can, and should do, to achieve Gender Equity. We help the men in your organization tackle tough topics like Impostor Syndrome, meeting interruptions and assertive communications.  Your team will walk away with new ways to help the women on their team be more effective, while creating an inclusive culture of collaboration that accelerates business results.

Attendees will leave with:

  • Insights into the top factors holding women back from achieving their potential and how they can best address it

  • A better understanding of and case studies that demonstrate the Gender Issue Spectrum--from harassment to gender microaggressions

  • Know-how on identifying and overcoming Impostor Syndrome

  • Methods to help stem women being interrupted at work to encourage collaborative communication

  • Simple exercises they can deploy to instill confidence in their team 

Innovation Through Inclusivity

The race for talent is on.  Massive global companies like Google and Amazon are planning to hire 40,000 on the East Coast alone this year. That leaves smaller companies across industries in a struggle to recruit and retain top talent.  One critical benefit that attracts Millennials is an inclusive and collaborative culture. These businesses value diverse perspectives and offer employees a more fulfilling work/life balance.  Willey shares key variables in the Inclusivity Equation to help leadership attendees design a solution that will keep their businesses ahead of the competition.

Attendees will:

  • Understand the latest research on how diverse teams are accelerating growth and the bottom line

  • Recognize key variables to consider as they build an innovative, inclusive team

  • Review case studies of companies getting it right and the positive results they’re realizing

Marketing to the Modern Woman

Women hold more buying power than ever before--yet 9 out of 10 women believe marketers do not understand them. That’s why this session focuses on how companies and brands can fuel innovation and growth by becoming a modern marketer to today’s woman.  Attendees with explore truths, trends and strategies brands can pursue to earn trust and empower this important consumer group. Willey showcases the brands that are getting it right and driving growth by winning the hearts and wallets of this critical market segment worth $18 trillion in buying power. 

Attendees will: 

  • Understand the four steps required to build customer love and loyalty

  • Learn what images empower and turn off women today

  • Explore how to create a message that will be accepted and appreciated 

  • Identify the process for shifting towards Female Empowerment marketing

  • Explore how effective brands use data to inform their go-to-market strategies