Afdhel Aziz, Co-Author,  “Good Is the New Cool,”  Chief Purpose Officer,  Conspiracy of Love

Afdhel Aziz, Co-Author, “Good Is the New Cool,” Chief Purpose Officer, Conspiracy of Love

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“Afdhel’s session on how brands can be a force for good blew the audience away with its mix of provocative thinking, honesty and humor.”
— Greg Damus, Managing Director, The Gathering
“We have had such an overwhelmingly positive response to the insights and information he presented, so all I can say is thank you for making this one of the best-reviewed conferences in our history.”
— Jim Andrews, SVP IEG Sponsorship Conference
“What I love about Afdhel is the way he draws people in. His warmth and enthusiasm are so infectious you just can’t help but be engaged.”
— Frank Rose, Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab
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Afdhel Aziz, Co-Author


  • KEYNOTE: “Good Is the New Cool: How to Market to Millennials and Gen-Z Consumers

  • KEYNOTE: “Leading with Purpose”

  • KEYNOTE: “How to Love Your Work in the 21st Century”

  • WORKSHOP: “Good is the New Cool: GPS to Purpose”

  • WORKSHOP: “Good Is the New Cool: Discovering Purpose”

  • WORKSHOP: “Good Is the New Cool: Designing Purpose”

Afdhel Aziz is a dynamic and inspirational speaker who has keynoted around the world on business as a force for good, and given workshops on creativity, innovation and change. He has been a featured speaker at the Cannes Lions, SXSW, TEDx, Advertising Week, Soho House, The Gathering, Toms, Omaze, Anomaly, Columbia University and many other events. 

Afdhel Aziz is one the world's leading experts on brand purpose, marketing innovation, and how business can be a force for good and is the co-author of the best-selling book, “Good Is the New Cool: Market Like You Give a Damn.” He’s the Chief Purpose Officer at Conspiracy of Love, a social impact consultancy that advises Fortune 500 companies like Adidas, Sonos, Bacardi, Mars and Coty how to ‘make money AND do good by harnessing the power of cool.’

Prior, for 20 years, he was an award-winning international marketer in London and New York, leading brands at Procter & Gamble, Heineken, Nokia and Absolut Vodka, where he created and ran the marketing innovation-focused Absolut Labs, focusing on VR, AR, and IOT, that was praised by Forbes as 'one of Top 3 marketing innovation labs to emulate.' An expert on brand partnerships and pop culture, he has worked with world-class artists such as Lady Gaga, Deadmau5, and Kanye West, as well as diverse partners like the TED Conferences, Art Basel, Coachella Festival, and the Andy Warhol Foundation.

“Good Is the New Cool: How to Market To Millennials & Gen-Z”

Full Talk: Good is the New Cool: How to Market To Millennials & Gen-Z

In this inspiring and motivational talk, Afdhel shows how business can be a force for good, by balancing profit with the needs of their consumers and communities.

He shares some of the insights from researching purpose-driven brands like Warby Parker, Adidas, The Honest Company and Zappos, who are creating a revolution in business by ‘doing well by doing good’.

Thought-provoking principles from his book ‘Good is the New Cool' like 'Think Citizens Not Consumers’, 'People are the New Media' and ‘Don’t Advertise Solve Problems'' will help businesses future-proof for the Millennial and Gen-Z generations of conscious consumers - and also attract the best employee talent who are drawn to organizations where they can do meaningful work.’

Afdhel has customized this talk to make it relevant for many industries from CPG, Energy and Fashion to Real Estate, Technology and Hospitality, and is happy to create a bespoke version for your needs. Watch him get a standing ovation at the National Apartment Association conference below.


“How to Love Your Work in the 21st Century: How to Motivate Millennial and Gen-Z Employees”

In this talk, Afdhel explores the existential crisis facing humanity in the 21st century: the fact that only 13% of people like what they do for a living. Especially with Millennials and Gen-Z entering the workforce, companies need to find new ways to attract and retain the best talent by showing them how their work ladders up to positive social and environmental impact.

Using powerful stories of everyday people who have found ways to do extraordinary things in their work, and unlock their purpose, he shows how people within corporations can unlock their purpose, using the revolutionary 'GPS to Purpose' model which asks : What are your Gifts? What are your Passions? How can you be of Service to others?



Afdhel has run workshops at brands like Adidas, Sonos, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Coty and for many more Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and start-ups to help them find and unlock the power of purpose.

“Good Is the New Cool: GPS to Purpose”

This one-day workshop is perfect for high-performing teams that need to find the spark of individual purpose, and see how it ladders up to their organizations overarching purpose. We ask 'What are your Gifts (your corporate super-powers)? What are your Passions (those causes and issues that keep you fired up?) And how can you be of Service (to each other, to your organization, and to the world)?

“Good Is the New Cool: Discovering Purpose”

An intensive process designed to fast-track the discovery, definition and articulation of brand purpose where one doesn't exist already. A combination of archaeological dig, stakeholder interviews and design sprints by a cross-functional team from brand marketing, CSR and agencies that leads to an 'a-ha' moment which gives the brand a clear path forward that it can activate in 360 , from media and content to retail and brand experience.

“Good Is the New Cool: Designing Purpose”

An inspirational and fun way to explore how a brand's purpose can manifest itself in ways that are meaningful to its employees, its stakeholders and society at large. Using the proprietary 7 Step model from 'Good is the New Cool', a brand can unearth how to think of 'Citizens Not Consumers', to 'Solve Problems from the Everyday to the Epic' and to 'Lead with the Cool and Bake in the Good'. Perfect for teams looking to unleash the power of purpose to fuel new growth for a brand and find new ways to connect with its consumers.

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